#Villain with a cup of strong coffee only

Villain begins on the day ADGP Mathew Manjooran (mohanlal) decides to end his career in the police force voluntarily. He has opted for an early retirement 7 months after a brutal “road accident” killed his wife (ManjuWarrier) and teenage daughter. A melancholic Mohanlal in a salt and pepper bearded bespectacled gentleman in a trench coat look like in the poster. We are sure to empathize with the restless demons he faces inside him, the craft of this complete actor. He is on a journey to a mysterious somewhere…

Meanwhile, a murder is planned and executed the previous night, discovered in the morning of his last day which stops him from emabrking on that trip. The police concludes that it is the beginning of a series of public grievence redressals. Somebody has turned vigillante to rid the society of its “criminals” who have escaped the law with their power and money. “If that is the intention, how many people will they kill,” asks the Commissioner (Siddique) to Manjooran.

Stylish, slick & technical in its packaging, if only the pace was a notch faster, the script, the actors and the style would have fallen right in place making it a crowd puller.

The trailer: https://youtu.be/OUYYMP_dwG4

Reaction: I had to get out of the theatre to buy a cup of extra strong coffee as I was fighting hard not to sleep inside.

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