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A substantive and structural editing is done for your book. This means that the book has a good flow and coherence.
Stylistic Editing contributes to refining the language of the book.
Your manuscript is then copy edited by our competent editors so that it is grammatically correct and has a consistent tense and tone.

jimpify proof reading

Proof Reading

We understand you were in a frenzy to finish your story, you were so indulged in creating your characters and emotions around them. You have lived through those words. Hence, it is always good to have a new set of eyes to go through the draft, so that you could be assured that all 'i's are dotted and all 't's are crossed when the book is published.

eBooks and Printing

Apart from creating the physical book from your manuscript, we also create ebooks so that your content can be distributed far and wide digitally.

jimpify ebook publishing
Collaborative Publishing

Collaborative Publishing

Jimpify is a collaborative Publisher. We mainly focus on connecting the talents together and coming up with a collective masterpiece. In doing so we help then to fulfill their dream of getting published, seeing their names on the cover of a book. We call this Collaborative publishing.

Book Designing

An aesthetic book design brings its content to life. It involves creating a high resolution book cover that has a visual appeal as well as being impressive enough for the book to be 'judged by its cover'.

The graphic design of the front and the back cover is done.

The layout and the formatting for the book is taken care of so that the published book has a consistent design and a professional look.

jimpify book cover designing

Manuscript Critique

We undertake Manuscript Critique when you want to be sure of the way your book is developing. Done at the early stages of writing a book and before the actual editing, a critique would help you to correct your course if necessary. This ensures that you have a book that is structurally sound with a well honed writing style and a unique writer's voice.


This is the part of adding charm to your book. When the content of your book doesn't let the reader close the book, the looks should be pleasing and let the reader keep reading. The way to please the eyes is to choose the appropriate font and line space. Also formatting for a book would include bit more boring technical stuff. We take care of that final presentation by taking care of all those boring stuff that goes behind the formatting process, So that the readers enjoy reading it as much as you enjoyed creating it.


Book reviews are an integral part of the publication and marketing process. A large number of reviews create a buzz that help you take the book marketing to another level. We help you in getting out the word and contacting people for honest reviews.

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