Rainbow Debris: Review of a Poetry Collection

Title: Rainbow Debris

Author: Dilipan Muthuramalingam

Genre: Poetry

Rainbow Debris is a vastly imaginative collection of poems that has a strong element of fantasy woven in.

This debut book of poetry has rich imagery and vibrant colours in its poems so that the kaleidoscope of images is truly like a rainbow.


Rainbow Debris is a short collection of only 23 pages. However, the scope of the poems is vĂ st.

It reads like postmodern literature and there is a fascination for the grotesque and the indescribable through his poems. It can be seen in his series- ‘Eldritch Abominate Creatures’.

The poem ‘Makeup’ details the toilette of a person. It has a surprising twist in the narration. Here, the
imagery is rich so that it is watching someone getting ready in slow motion, to the accompanying music.

There is plenty of talk of cosmoses and paranormal ones at that, of the outer universe, of other galaxies and of black holes and nebulas.

Many poems are in series, like the ‘Paranormal Cosmoses’ or ‘After Death’. A common premise is used to present many points of view on the same subject.

There is joy and a real rhythm and flow in ‘My Lovely Beach Cricket’ and by far, I found it the lightest.

The poetry is mostly in the passive voice and it contributes to a sense of impossibility in a few places as in
‘asymmetric crystals’ and ‘circular cubes’ in the last poem of the book.

I found the ‘After Death’ series very interesting. The three poems show three very dimensions to Death.

Some of the poems are difficult to follow and to break that feeling, the poet has put in the ones that are relatively easier to understand.

What works well

The art work that accompanies the poems is beautiful with rich, vibrant colours and abstract images. The paintings complement the poetry completely. In fact, Dilipan seems to be writing and painting at the same time. .

The colours are a prominent theme in the poems. There is a plethora of them. It is really like looking at a rainbow.

What does not work well

The poems, have been arranged in a way that the serious ones do not overwhelm the reader all at once. However, no matter how you read, the poems are all overwhelming in many ways. They can be quite intimidating in terms of the language used; I had an eye on the dictionary all the time. In terms of the tropes used, they range from the mundane to the very fantastical. The structure of the poems is such that it is easy to get lost and I frequently had to backtrack to understand what the poet was talking about.


Rainbow Debris is a promising debut work and a kaleidoscope of memories, impressions and observations that burst into a vibrant expression. Read it for the colours and the psychedelic impressions that explode on to the page.


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