Midnight Musings by Romila: Book Review

Title: Midnight Musings

Author: Romila

Genre: Poetry, Haiku

Midnight Musings is a collection of haiku, finely balanced, deeply emotive and full of beauty.

I have to confess, I have a predilection for haiku. It is an ancient Japanese poetic form that has spread to every part of the world, influencing many literary traditions. Haiku is the art of saying more with less. Through just three lines, the poem presents imagery that is tied to a deep emotional state.


Midnight Musings is a collection of 26 haiku, arranged alphabetically. Each haiku is named with a single word, holding so much promise and explanation in those titles.

The wind
Rolls a cigarette of air

There are many others that I liked very much: Knowledge, Light, Quick. Pretty is like traveling in time, it brings the cycle of life so clearly to light.

Writing a haiku may seem to be simple, but it is difficult to find the balance and introduce a well meaning pause in just three lines. A haiku is a delicate image, a moment in time that is just a glimpse of the entire picture and yet telling a much bigger story if you care to listen. The haiku in this collection manage to present imagery and the stories behind them adroitly.

The cover art works very well for the poetry and the mood of the book.

About the Author

Romila is an author of multiple books and has worn the hat of columnist, blogger and editor. Literature is a passion with her.

She has been featured in online literary spaces and in prestigious magazines. A veteran blogger and writer, she loves to travel and listen to music.


Midnight Musings is a delectable collection of haiku. Pick this collection to feed your soul.

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