Manju Warrier as Udhaharanam Sujatha will strike a chord with the audience

Udhaharanam Sujatha, like its Hindi original, Nil Battey Sannata (2016) directed and co-written by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari will leave you with some warmth. Sujatha, a single mother decides to enroll into her daughter, Adira’s, class in school. Unusual as it is, this scenario of her mother joining her own class to complete her matriculation does not go down well with the teenager in Adi. She feels ashamed, and moreover insulted when her classmates also make fun of their new, older classmate who unknown to them is her mother. Therefore, Adi, on her part, tries her best to cajole/threaten/plead with her mother into not coming to school, but Sujatha, is relentless. She does not pay heed to any of these entreaties, continues to attend school, irrespective.

The story is not this neat. Sujatha takes time to arrive at this decision to get back to complete her education, breaks down when her daughter goes missing for a few hours after her first day in school. She is further saddened when her daughter begins to concentrate on her studies as part of a challenge to oust her mother, rather than as part of her own volition towards her career. She works extra hours to make up for the school going hours, falls ill, hurts herself, and is tired. During all this while, there is the character played by Nedumudi Venu to motivate and push Sujatha into going forward with her plan. That’s where I felt the film scores.The comic relief brought in by Joju George, the producer and actor himself, as the Maths Teacher is hillarious.

In the end, as Sujatha says, even though success in life is about loads of back breaking work and that spark of luck, there ought to be at least one person who believes in our dreams, like she had in Nedumudu Venu. Such people who can see others dreams are rare, but if you find one, stay with them, we’ll also grow along with our dreams in their inspiring company.

I watched Nil Battey Sannata by sheer accident, a film which released without much fan fare last year in 2016, it was advertised more by word of mouth, than a flashy trailer or a paid review. Udhaharanam Sujatha from Joju George & Martin Prakat, directed by Phantom Praveen has Manju Warrier as Sujatha to look forward to, what more does the Malayalee want. I hope this will turn out to be Manju’s that come back film which will establish her again in her second coming.

The film was made in Tamil as Amma Kannaku starring Amala Paul as the mother.


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