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“Journey Is My Path” Published

On September 1st, 2015 “Journey Is My Path” has become a reality. It got published.


The idea of this book came all of a sudden during one of those journeys towards inside the mind somewhere around in April 2015. At the point I had no idea of how to go about writing a book, let alone getting it published.

But when you have a burning desire to do something, things just start to fall in places from nowhere. The story line appeared to me in front of my eyes one after the other. All I had to do was to record it in my own language.

First draft was ready almost in three months. Then started searching for how to get it formatted, how to create the cover of the book and ultimately how to get it published. Initial formatting was done after going through many DIY websites.

For the book cover I asked professional help from some of my friends. But they were all busy with their work. So again I had to resort on internet lessons. And thus the cover of “Journey Is My Path” was created.

Then it was time for me to get it edited. I asked help from my blogger friends. Without asking second time they helped. I am very much thankful to Sona and Dr. H Bhatnagar for agreeing to read, give feedback and to edit it for me.

Later help came to me in final formatting and editing through another blogger friend Abitha. Thus the final product was almost ready in the digital format. But the ISBN I have applied for was not yet ready. I wanted to publish the paperback version also by September 1, 2015 since it is the first anniversary of my blog.

ISBN never came in time and leaving me not able to publish the paperback version on September 1st. Thus I published the Kindle version of “Journey Is My Path” on September 1st. And the paperback version will be available in few days.

Now I have to figure out a way for the paperback to reach the readers. Well there is a fun in learning things that which you want to do and use it in practice and see how things works from one’s own experience.

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