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Journey is my Path – Review

Here’s a story of a not-so-average-dreamer-achiever-guy..

Book cover for kindle (FILEminimizer)What is there to know about this guy?
His travel from a single cell, to a man..
And that travel has got flowers, bumps, treks, falls, rides and is a complete roller coaster..

Is this another travelogue?
Not at all.. It’s a travelogue.. But the journey is not from a point A to point B in a map.. For the entire travel is not just spread over roads, but over thoughts..

Why should I read it?
Though I personally would throw a dagger, just for questioning ‘why’ on reading, I’ll still tell you a few reasons..

-To know a story
-To travel in your mind
-To enjoy the journey of life
-To know the pleasures of travel
-To realise certain life lessons
-To cherish your present
-To find the destiny
-To love your life

Sounds philosophical..?
Yeah, if you are in search of your destiny, every travel, tells you a story.. And this story is rich with lessons for life..

So, here is another travel story, which was partly designed even before the protagonist began to breathe through nose properly.. Who travels to a variety of places of life with bits of this and that..

If you are the person, who reads just for the pleasure of reading, here’s a story by an amazing storyteller with a normal story in an exciting and captivating package..

If you are the person, who wants to travel, here’s a book which not only shows the beauty and cheer of travel, but also shows the thorns and hurdles of a journey..

If you are the person, who learns from anything and everything, here’s a wonderful philosophical book for you..

If you are the person, who picked this up randomly, let me assure you, your randomness is awesome to pick this book and you would have no reason to regret picking this up..

In short, this story shows the travel from the unidentifiable tiny source of water, till it attains its unique identity as a river.. This travel has many whirlpools and waterfalls.. The beauty of them depends and varies from the angle you see.. Yet it has some beauty irrespective of your point of view..

Go give it a try!! Happy exploring..

— Abitha S


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