We Are Hiring!

We are always on a lookout for all the talented people out there. We want to work with you to create masterpieces. Be it writing, reading, even fault finding, whatever be your skills, there is a high chances that we are looking for your skills. 

Be a Jimpify Writer

Jimpify is a collaborative platform. We work closely with talented people and help them to  publish collaborative books.The authors writes one after another to create a book. This is your chance to get published. The first step starts from here.

Join us as a writer.

Be a Jimpify Editor

Do you have a keen sense of attention to detials? You think you can spot all those errors by reading between the lines? You think you can do it?

By the way, did you find any error in the first sentence in the above question?

If you did find it, you should send us a special hi, of course without making any spelling and grammar mistakes. You can be our Jimpifying editor. (NB: Please don't mark it as an error now!)

Collaborative Publishing
jimpify ebook publishing

Be a Jimpify Reviewer

Do you wear that thick framed glasses? No? But still love reading a lot of books? And do you analyze what you've read and criticize it?

Do you have some cool ideas how to present a book in your way of looking at things? Can you suggest people what to read, what not to read?

You look pretty much like our in house book reviewer!

Be a Jimpify Designer

Love designs? Love creating new art works?Love books equally? Yes?

Where were you? We've been looking for you everywhere!

We hope you are equally good at working on Photoshop and Illustrator and so on. Because that might be your close friends after us, if we like your art.

Ready to design some book covers yet?

jimpify book cover designing

Be a Jimpify Formatter

Do you know the difference between Serif and Sans serif fonts? Do you love each embellishing elements on the pages of a book? Yes, You might be the person we are looking for!

Just like writing a book, formatting is also an art. When the world gets faster, a good presentation gets one of the front seats. 

If you believe the above mentioned facts are kinda true, do send us a mail. You might be our Jimpifying formatter.

Be a Jimpify Blogger

Do you think you have a cool idea to write about? Do you have an idea for a weekly post? Do you have a super cool idea that no one can even imagine?

Tell us about it all. We would love to hear from you. We want to feature you here. Do pitch your idea and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Get ready to become a Jimpify Blogger

Interested? Send us a hello in the most creative way to our email address.