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5 authors with different writing styles came together to write 5 different stories set in various time and space, by taking in inspiration from a picture of a girl running. And that is how ‘One Girl Many Lives’ was created.

Ever since the book was out, we got very encouraging responses to our experimental concept. People had many questions; how can 5 different people write one story? Will it have a natural flow? Will they create a cohesive story? And so many more.

We are not here to give you answers to these questions. If you are curious and interested in knowing, we can give you some hints and rest you have to do it by yourself. The book is available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited. If you decide to buy it, that is even greater. Also, you will be helping a bunch of writers, morally and monetarily!

So let me go ahead and give you some hints. Here is what others are saying about ‘One Girl Many Lives’.

Here is the first Hint, directly coming from Amazon.

While we were doing the Free Book Promotion, we reached the #1 Best Seller in Short Stories! Also, we were on the first page of Bestsellers for consecutively for four days, out of that we were within the top 5 for three days.

What Others Are Saying About “One Girl Many Lives”

Just read the 1st story keeping aside all my work. Actually I don’t want to tell to my manager😅

Trust me I had no high expectations but i got it wrong. It was an amazing story especially the initial descriptions made me teleport to the Lahore of 1947.

Yes, our story has a bit of Partition history. One of our 5 stories takes place in Lahore during the Partition time.

I must say I am impressed. I am not someone who like fiction much. But this book I was hooked up to it. I am now looking forward to read the other two books of your publications.

We are very pleased that someone with no expectations read the whole story and even got impressed. We are a very small team with almost no marketing budget and other facilities like big publishers. So when we get these kinds of comments by working within our limited resources,  it really boosts our morale.

Coming back to the story, this is what Simrit said.

One thing which really intrigued me when I read the blurb was that five authors wrote all the five stories and I wanted to see how were they able to make a connection to the story because each writer has his own writing style. Also, the cover of the book fascinated me. I had a lot of questions in my mind, like what the running girl depicted, did it depict that she was running from someone or the society or was she happy and was running like a free bird?

Simrit answers these questions here : One Girl Many Lives – Book Review. But here is a small glimpse from her blog.

“The flow of the stories is so wonderful that you do not realize that the story is not written any single author. Each story, whether it is from the pre partition time to 2135, has shown a distinct emotion of women”

If you are wondering, yes, we do have a story from 2135! It takes place in Greenland! We also have a story that is set in New York in the backdrop of Y2K problem.  Here is what Kiranmayi says about the Y2K story.

“The third story is set against the Y2K problem, the days ahead of the New year 2000 when the world predicated doom when the calendar changed. This story is of a young couple in New York — one of them struck fixing the Y2K problem as well as their romance.”

You can read the whole review here : Book Review — One Girl Many Lives by Ajit, Anshu, Jithin, Priya, Sona

From Y2K you can transport to Sri Lanka during 1980s. Let’s hear it from Pradita.

The second story, Black July, is about a Tamilian family stuck in a riot just before the Sri Lankan Civil War started. Like The Lone Flight, this story too navigates the murky waters of nationalistic fanaticism and humanism with ease and delivers a punch to the gut with its depiction of the trauma of the affected families.

You can read the full review here : One Girl Many Lives: Book Review

Harshita sums up the feeling of reading One Girl Many Lives beautifully, as girl many lives front cover

“‘ While you are reading the book, you can see flashes of the young girl running. She seems to be running through the book, seeing how she is being treated by the authors and the readers. She becomes not only the muse for the authors but also the reader’s companion.”

You can read the whole review here: One Girl Many Lives (Anthology) ~ Jimpify Publishing

Here is what Neha Jain tells about One Girl Many Lives on Goodreads

“This book is an amazing read. I want to admit here that it is beyond my expectations. I have never read such a book before. In this book their are five different short stories. All of them are totally different. There is only one thing which common in all that they are the stories of a girl’s life. In all the stories the situations are different the times are different the places are different the girls are different.”

Latest Reviews :

‘One Girl, many Lives’, is not a book you can finish in one go– because the stories stay with you, resonate with your experiences. Inspired by a single image, five authors collaborated to come up with a different story weaving them all together across a single theme.

Read the full review written by Janaki at JanakiWeb

When i began reading i thought i would keep a note of change in style, narrative , nuances but its such an accomplishment by all the authors that I completely could not find any and kept on flowing with each story.

Read the full review written by Vashi at Tales of that Pashmina Girl

I personally loved the stories and no I am not just bragging about it I really mean it.

I am of the opinion that if there is any course like writing courses or if I ever plan to make one such course on my own this book should be included to study and analyze the different writing styles, and it could also help in creating writing exercises.

Read the full review written by Nazish at Life&Musing

The five stories, written by five different writers, spans from 1947’s life-saving escape in Indo-Pak borders to 2135’s escape from a suicidal space mission in Greenland. The mood and setting in each story keep changing. One thing that is common to all the stories, besides the theme, is that one cover picture. Designed by Jithin, who is also one of the writers, the photograph portrays a fading picture of a girl running away…

Read the full review written by Joydev Majumdar at Different Truths

As they say ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder,’ One Girl Many Lives novel written by five different authors, published by Jimpify Publishing is the perfect example of this quote.

Read the full review written by Kanika Arora at Thoughts & Words

One can learn the art of writing different stories on the same idea. Both the stories, The Lone Flight and Black July, are based on riots. In The Lone Flight, the tension was between Hindu and Muslim communities during the partition of India, and in Black July, the conflict was between Sinhalese and Tamil communities during the Sri Lankan Civil War. But, the treatment & detailing are entirely different.   

Read this very detailed and objective review written by Ravish at Books as I see

If you feel that, “One Girl Many Lives” deserves a read, please go ahead and read it from Amazon.  And don’t forget to tell us the feedback. We are happy to feature your reviews and feedback on our blog.

Happy reading.

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