The Story Behind Jimpify

Stories are everywhere and everyone has a story to tell. Jithin aka trablogger had a story to tell the world. But when he intended to say it out loud, he wasn't aware that his story telling would become the first page of a new story called Jimpify.com

Just like most new authors, he also just had the idea for a story and nothing else on how to get it to the hands of readers. When something has to happen as part of destiny, nothing, even ignorance, could be a hurdle in the path of destiny. And thus, one by one, each steps in writing a book, Formatting a book, Designing the cover, Getting it published and all those steps appeared in front of him at the right time.

He self learned the process of publishing through hours of research and surfing over the internet. And help started to come along his way to guide him in the right direction at the right time. There were many people who helped him directly and indirectly and the accelerated the learning process.

Volumes have been written about the miracle making effects of burning desires. Once you have a burning desire to achieve something, things start to fall in place at the right time. That's the only possible explanation for all the help that flowed in his way, at the right time and for the right pieces that started falling into place to make the big picture complete.

The final fruit of all those hard work is the debut novel "Journey is my Path" by Trablogger. The last piece that fell into place in the big picture was Jimpify and this venture was started up to publish the book by Jithin.

What Do We Do Now @ Jimpify

Now, Jimpify is here to give back all the kindness that he had received during the process of chasing a dream. Here in Jimpify, we help you to chase your dream and achieve them. If you have a dream to get published, to see your name in print, to get involved in the process of getting published, this place is for YOU.

Come Join Us. Jimpify Your Life. Get yourself Published.