A Rubber Face with a Stripper’s Name by Katja Berg: Book Review

Title: A Rubber Face with a Stripper’s Name

Author: Katja Berg

Genre: Memoir

A Rubber Face with a Stripper’s name is a memoir of a single mother, her struggles and her triumph, which is in equal parts heart-rending and uplifting.

Katja Berg, a Danish girl, moves to London at age eighteen, where she finds professional success, love and parenthood. However, she faces very tumultuous times and this memoir is the story of her courage and inner strength that makes her win at life’s game.


Katja, born Danish, moves to London in search of better work prospects. She starts a florist business, meets Casper who becomes a partner in her business and life and is soon a mother to twins.

Life starts getting difficult with parenting responsibility, financial problems and an unreliable partner. Katja faces the most harrowing time of her life as she uncovers her partner’s infidelity and is soon embroiled in a child custody battle in the courts.

Finding her way out of this mess, facing judgemental friends and acquaintances, putting herself back on her feet financially and being a nurturing parent is Katja’s journey that she navigates with much courage.

The book is curiously titled and I could simply not guess the genre or the content from the cover art. However, things become clearer at the beginning of the book when the author reveals that the title alludes to her. This then, sets the autobiographical tone of the book.

Again, the book cover looks beautiful; it is a lovely floral pattern but apart from that, there is no clue to the nature of the book. I feel it misses out on the impression or the curiosity it can create in a reader.

What works well

I simply loved Katja’s strength and conviction that helped her rebuild her life. The other people in the book are also etched out very well so that the reader can relate to them.

Through the ups and downs, there are wonderful philosophical learnings that hit home.

“Loneliness is meant to be an emotion, like sadness, but it has unfortunately become something we suffer from, instead of a feeling we deal with.”

The pace of the book is excellent and the narration so tight that I was completely engrossed. The sentences are clipped well and the prose is precise.

About the Author

Katja Berg is a Danish entrepreneur, author and single mother. At present, she is living in London and runs two successful businesses.

Through the story of her life, she hopes to inspire women who are in the same predicament as her.


A wonderful book on overcoming the odds in life and rebuilding through much hardship.

Katja’s perseverance of spirit and courage in the face of odds makes a truly inspiring story.

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