Jimpify is known for Collaborative Publishing.
We handpick budding talent, guide them through the writing and help them get published, in both print and digital formats.
For authors who are already published, we provide help with book promotion to improve visibility and sales opportunities.
Get in touch with us if you want to showcase your talent to the world or if your published book needs a new lease of life.


What Do We Do?

Every now and then we reach out to talented writers through personal recommendations and invite them to join collaborative publishing projects, thus giving these budding talents to become published authors. Our experienced team takes care of the process and ensures a smooth sailing till the book gets published and reaches the readers.

Why Do We Do What We DO?

Jimpify happened because Trablogger, the founder of Jimpfy wanted to publish a book. There were complicated procedures, much money and above all a long waiting time involved in getting it published through a conventional publisher. So he took the path of self publishing. He learnt everything from scratch about getting published all by himself. He made mistakes and went ahead through trial and error. Then he realized that it was time to help others achieve their dream. After all,
"Happiness is real when it is shared" - Christopher McCandles

What Have We Done So Far?

Jimpify published its first book "Journey Is My Path" in 2015.

After that, Jimpify started a collaborative project named Through the Mist and published it. Five authors came together to create magic. These authors created stories one after another in quick succession under the supervision of our in house editor. And the result is an amazing book called "Through the Mist".

In 2019, we are gearing up for our next collaborative project.

In 2020, we have published our newest collaborative project, 'One Girl, Many Lives. Following the same pattern of our previous work, we have created this new book, but with a small change.

5 different authors, 5 different time periods, 5 different places around the world and one picture for the inspiration. Now, that is One Girl Many Lives.

What Can We Do For You?

Self publishing might sound intimidating but we are here to help you take the leap. (Self Publishing is not an expensive affair and anyone can do it.) If you are dreaming about getting yourself published, it is easy. Here at Jimpify, you will get help to get your work edited, formatted and printed.

You can also get advice right from the First Draft to the Final draft, from Cover Design to Actual Printing or ebook to ISBN.

If you want your hands freed up for your next big project or are simply looking forward to sit back and relax while the technical stuff is taken care of, Jimpify is lending help at the most economical rates. Check out the services offered as well as the book promotion packages.