She: Ekla Cholo Re

ekla cholo re

Book : She: Ekla Cholo Re
Authors : Dr. Shayan Haq, Santosh Avvannavar

There are taboos in every culture. In the culturally rich India, the taboos are more than few. Picking one unusual topic, the author had put limelight on more than one taboo.

This novella dives right into a very delicate discussion and thus sets the focus on to the theme of Trans genders and dealing with Homosexuality.

A chance meeting of two strangers. A long drive and the conversation during the journey. Within this short span, many areas have been explored. It includes the transformation of kid-adolescence-youth as well as boy-confused teen-woman.

The way male domination is prevalent in the name of patriarchal way of upbringing is expressed in detail along with good relatable anecdotes. The same goes for a guy’s reasons for getting married. Though someone loves enough to help all through to undergo a sex interchange operation, the love doesn’t seem enough to move that relationship to marriage.

The societies’ more prevalent view point and why they view so, has been explained. Still, the book doesn’t say, what could be done to change the ideas prevalent in the society.

A conversation is more relatable to everyone and is also a double edged sword. Here it leaves a little scar on the book rather than being useful to the book as well as the reader. Since, few conversations during / for coffee breaks looks forced and they simply break the flow rather than give a meaningful pause.

The book is more about a practical half-slice of life, where it shows ways on how an individual could stay afloat in the stream of life, by not depending on anyone else. The song ‘Ekla cholo Re’ keeps pushing her forward, from every hitch (s)he faces in life.

In short, a good topic wrapped up in a not-so-good wrap. If you could look past the minor flaws and into the content, this book contains many much needed eye openers, on the customary beliefs and how it affects people, irrespective of their gender.

— Abitha S

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